Day 5 Florida 2018

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing much happened. We awoke to a fantastic breakfast cooked to perfection by our co host Terry, before waiting for the early morning drizzle to lift. It did, and at a round 10am the sun began to shine. Yep, this is what Florida is all about. We’ve never been in January before, but now I have the full set, having been at all times in all months. I have to say that May and September are my favourites, but to be honest, anytime in Florida is great.

The day was spent relaxing, watching tv, drinking coffee and having many a power nap. There’s not a lot to write about really…no use of the word numnah, no Nikkisms that spring to mind, apart from the fact, and I’ve said it before, never EVER let Nikki anywhere near any technological electronic equipment, such as a phone or a remote control. She was helping Vivian set up WhatsApp on her phone, and she put in her own details on Viv’s phone, so Viv got all Nikki’s historical chats, messages and photos on her phone. Yes! All of them! It took the best part of two hours to delete and reset everything. I hope I didn’t miss anything or we’re all in trouble…

So that evening, we’re off to Merks, a lovely local bar, and a meeting place for some old friends. Nikki made a new friend. We’re calling him “Ron”, but no one is sure who he is, what his name is or what his actual age is. We estimated that he was 87, and he was dressed like a cowboy, with the hat and fancy shirt. One of the bar staff said he was single, hung like a 3 litre bottle of lemonade, and worth around $75 million, so when he asked Nikki for a dance, she was up quicker than a fat bloke at a free buffet. The dance was captured on film for the upcoming will reading, to prove that he and Nikki were extremely close, and she is deserving of at least half his estate. To be fair, I don’t know what she did, but he walked into the bar looking like he’d keel over at any second, but after the dance, he left like Usain Bolt.

We’re off back to the Orlando area today for our last couple of nights in Florida. Great to see everyone last night, Marti, Scott, Ashley, Michelle, Pam, and of course Ron, who, despite his age, has already started to follow Nikki on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Grinder, Plenty of Fish, Shag-An-Old-Bloke and Tinder. His profile picture makes him look more like Ryan Reynolds, but it was taken 70 years ago…..

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