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As a special thank you for helping us to reach over 6000 Facebook followers in less than 12 months, we are giving away a copy of our Driving in Orlando guide totally free (normal price £2.99).

To download it, simply click on the button below where you’ll be taken to our download page.  The driving guide is in .pdf format and is viewable on most devices, or can be printed.

The Driving Guide contains all the hints and tips you need to make your driving experience in Florida as comfortable and safe as possible.

The guide includes everything, from renting the most appropriate car, to rules and regulations whilst enjoying the highways in the Sunshine State.


Click the free download button now to get your free copy in .pdf format



We’ve introduced another freebie to our site, in the form of this holiday checklist.

We know how easy it is to concentrate on the main things like booking your flights, accommodation and park tickets, but sometimes it’s the little things you forget that can ruin your holiday – like forgetting your passport!

This is just a short guide we’ve compiled that outlines the important stuff (and the not so important!) that you need to sort before you travel.  This is just one of a series of free updates and guides we hope to bring you in the near future to accompany the main guide.

Download it now, it’s totally free (and don’t forget your free driving guide and holiday planner while you’re at it!)

Click the button below to get yours now. 



For a while now, we’ve been toying with the idea of releasing a “sample” itinerary after being asked many times by people who’ve never been before what they should do and where they should go . 

Obviously everyone is different, and many will already have been before and know what they want to try out this time around, but for those trying Florida for the first time, we can’t emphasise enough how much more Florida has to offer than the theme parks.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together this  simple planner with ideas on what to do while you’re out in the Sunshine State.

It’s a totally free download, so grab a copy now, available in .pdf format




*** Orlando Guide 3 Book Bundle ***

The Orlando Guide for Brits is packed with over 80 pages of tips, hints and advice.  Written by Glyn, who has been to Florida over 50 times. Even if you’re a seasoned Florida visitor, we guarantee you’ll find something of use in here.

In addition though, as part of the bundle, we’re also adding 2 bonus guides.

The FAQ’s – Over 100 FAQ’s taken directly from our facebook site, covering questions including 

– When is the best time to book a flight?

– Can I pre-book tours to Kennedy Space Centre?

– Will I need the villa pool heating in June? 

And so much more.The Reviews – As Glyn is almost a native to Florida, he is able to get exclusive access to the parks.  In this guide he offers in depth reviews to Florida favourites such as Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove and GatorLand to name but a few. 


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