Day 4 Florida 2017

The view from our balcony is stunning. Yep, we have a balcony. Not sure I’ve mentioned as yet, but we’re staying at the MGM Signature, which is a block off the strip, but with air conditioned walkways through to it. And don’t be fooled by a normal block….blocks in Las Vegas are, like everything else, much much bigger!

Yesterday i went into a store to buy some aftershave. They didn’t have the one i wanted, and so the store owner rang another store, and they had it. “It’s just across the road at Caesars Palace” she said. “Across the road?” I enquired. “Yes, just head out of the Mall and its directly across the road, next to The Bellagio”. Across the road meant out of the mall, up an escalator, across a bridge, a half mile past the Bellagio fountains, up another raised walkway, though Caesars Casino, and into the mall. 40 minutes to reach a shop, across the road. I nearly missed kick off…

Yes kick off to the Europa League Cup Final, that saw Manchester United take their third trophy of the season…another treble. We nearly didn’t make it though, thanks to our walk-a-thon to Caesars. Nikki had done her research and found that, although most bars were showing the game, an Irish bar on the strip would, presumably, have more atmosphere. It was, and I quote, a short stroll from our hotel. 40 bastard minutes of a short stroll! When we arrived, in 102* heat, Nikki was crying, and had to have an intravenous line inserted to top her alcohol levels up. She’s not an animal though, she did get a glass of iced water as well.

“Would you like a regular beer or a large one? The regulars are $7.50 and the large is $8.50. We have many….” “Large!” Interrupted Nikki. “Now!”. Cindi ran away like a scolded cat, crying. Turned out it was quite an atmosphere free venue, possibly due to the bar staff using legal methods to fleece you for a large beer, which was, in fact, just less than a pint. A flat pint.

Off then to the MGM Legendary Buffett. An all-you-can-muster festival of food. Not sure if it was the crabs legs, prawns, prime rib or the rice, but I’ve been up all night with food poisoning. (Wait for the complaint letter) I say up all night, up all day as well! We left the Buffett at about 5pm, went to the room for a “power nap” with a view of hitting Coyote Ugly and the Skyview Bar for evening mimosas. We woke 12 hours later. Good morning. 5am and I’m using our whirlpool bath as a makeshift washing machine, the hair dryer as, well, a dryer, and ironing. How rock n roll am I! We leave Vegas today and head to Florida. Still no credit card, so fingers crossed.

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