Day 19 Florida 2017

My view this morning is beautiful. 9th June 2017. 6.50am. Exactly 50 years to the minute that i was born. I’m pretty sure that on this day, at this time, in Burslem 50 years ago, my view would have been slightly different. As would the sounds around me. No sounds of birds chirping, or the distant sound of a burner in a hot air balloon as it drifted past the pool. More of a scream or two as i pushed my way into the world.

As mentioned, I’ve spent the last few years away here on my birthday. Seems rude not to. And as its the first time in a few days its not been pouring down with rain, I’m treating myself to a nice coffee, listening to a live stream of Radio Stoke (which coincidentally has a bloke from Chell going on about the election, without actually saying anything…if you’re from Stoke you’ll understand what i mean: “Same as I say lark, onner being whatsit, but I didn’t vote fer this lot, if eet were up ter me I’d have had Pulis in charge. Ey didner take any whatsit from anyone lark, and eed have ad the reyte idea”. “But Tony Pulis isn’t a politician Ray, he’s a football manager”. “Arr dunner care lark, eyd do a berrer job er the cuntree that theyz muppets”. “We’ll have to leave it there, thanks Ray from Chell. Different view I’m sure you’ll agree. If there are any other mentally deranged people out there who want to speak about the election, please call us on 01782……”

Heart are playing on the radio now, a seminal 70’s rock band fronted by Anne and Nancy Wilson. I’ve just spent a few minutes educating Georgia about the sisters, and the barriers they had to overcome in the early days of their career, and how they wrote such classics as Barracuda and Crazy on You. “Are they women then?….I thought they were men who were women”. No I’ve not missed any words out, that’s what she said. You explain to the degree level trained teacher……

Before you say Ah Bless, a few hours later we went out to do a few things….we did a Segway trip around Celebration, which was quite brilliant, and then did the staple holiday activity of crazy golf. Anyway, we’re driving down the road, and we get overtaken by two middle aged blokes on Harley’s. They both look like they’ve been around the block a few times, and as they pass, they are sporting identical leather sleeveless tops, on the back of which is intricate embroidery stating “US Military Vets”…..You’re ahead of me here aren’t you? She didn’t disappoint…”What sort of animals do they treat on motorbikes? And where is there equipment?”. This was only slightly upstaged by Hannah, who expressed her desire to buy a “black light bulb”, after seeing one in the Mall. (A black light is American for a UV Fluorescent light bulb). “Can i buy one of those in England or do i need a licence?”.

Birthday BBQ in the evening, with far too much food. We all do it don’t we? I suppose its better to have too much than too little, but what with ribs, chicken, burgers, sausage, devil dogs, sweet corn, garlic bread, potato salad, kebabs and pineapple, did seem a bit much for just the two of us. Only klidding of course, there was no salad.

I’ll just leave you with one thought. Usually on a Friday night, you’ll find me and a few friends propping up the bar at the local, discussing the issues of the day, or trying to put right quite simple questions in a difficult way. For instance, if a bird rests inside a truck, does the truck still weigh the same if the bird flies around inside it….you get the idea. Well, here’s one. In the nursery rhyme, Polly put the kettle on, why the hell did Suky take it off again? Was he or she deliberately provoking Polly into a fight of some sort? Is there a health and safety issue I’m not seeing here? Answers on a postcard…..

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