Day 17 and 18 – Florida 2016

I had a day off yesterday. Partly because nothing happened, but mainly because nothing happened. It was Memorial Day here, which means that the whole of the nation is off, except for people who work in shops and people who work in attraction parks, such as here in central Florida. Therefore, there’s not much to do other than either shop, or go to a park. We chose to shop. I think for the first time In any visit ever I walked away without a bag in my hand. Nikki obviously had many many items, including a white coat (what’s the point in that?) and a white blouse, which, as she tried on, she managed to get make up on the collar. Undeterred, she approached the checkout and announced, “I love this top, but it’s the last one and it has make up in it, can I get a discount?”. That comment was worth 20%……she’s learning.

I’ve not mentioned it before, but for the last few days I’ve had the worst bout of man flu ever. Ladies, you can turn off now, because you’ll never know the pain of man flu, but imaging child birth, and then throw in a kidney stone or two, then double it, that’s how a man feels with man flu. I say I’ve not mentioned it, and the reason is because I’m on holiday. You want to carry on don’t you, even though you feel like shite. My nose is running faster than Usain Bolt, and my eyes are streaming like I’m watching Frozen and Beaches back to back. I’ve had several messages of sympathy, so thank you friends for those….I particularly like the request for what inscription I’d like on the wreath. Knickers.

We did Hooters again the other night, and our waitress wasn’t particularly brilliant, but it was hooters, and you kind of feel obliged to tip as you normally do. This one, and it’s the first time I’ve seen it, put the tip on the final bill, rather than letting us decide what she was getting. I think she had an inkling she wasn’t going to get owt. In fact, that gives me an idea, I wonder what would happen if I wrote a letter…….

One thing I’ll say, if you’re visiting this area. Downtown Disney is now called Disney Springs, and it’s that area that has Disney quest, Cirque du Soleil (or Dave’s Sun Circus) and it’s where the Virgin Airlines desk is if you want to drop your bags early. You know where I mean. Well, that’s undergoing a bit of a refurb, and it’s turning into a bit of a rival for Universal City Walks. It’s not finished yet though, and it’s a bit of a mess. One thing that looks certain, is that they’re going to start charging you to park there, whereas at the moment it’s free. My advice would be to have a look, but don’t make a special trip there…unless you’re going for happy hour at The House of Blues. Of course we did. What’s not to love about this place….half price drinks, air conditioning and good old English Blues playing in the background, it’s 94* outside…and my baby done me wrong…..

As we bbq’d last night, it threw it down, and we managed to sit outside under shelter and eat, whilst watching the thunder and lightening light up the sky. We have quite a panoramic aspect at the back, which is pretty much south facing, so we get great sun rises and sun sets, and a great expanse of sky to view the lightening. The photo shows it, but as its still only 6.30am it’s still a bit dusky…we should have balloons across the sky any minute now. I remember the days when if there was a hint of lightening, you were ushered inside, to the middle of the house, the tele was unplugged and the aerial was pulled out of the back, and there was always a story about Doug from up the road who’s house was struck by lightening and it blew his tv across the room….I never met Doug….and I still don’t know anyone who’s been struck by lightening, but the danger no longer exists, so it seems. Lightening seems to be a cue to jump in the pool and play with aluminium sheeting, whilst wearing extra large metal hats with no padding….

A quick game of cards resulted in Georgia owing us all about $50 each, will she ever learn? For those of you unfamiliar with the game of cards we play, I suggest you read previous blogs and acquaint yourselves with it. It’s a card game based on whist, and a simple stake of 10p can result in heavy losses if you’re reckless…ask Georgia.

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